The Shame…

Was lying on the couch yesterday evening, when I noticed something not quite right about the middle seam of my trackpants. The stitching seemed a bit…spread in one area. Meaning that if there wasn’t already a hole, one was forming. I’ve been wearing those pants in public. Not just around the house, but down to the post office and supermarket…

They’re currently in my rubbish bin awaiting next week’s collection. The shame…

However, I got enthused about reading again last night. So that’s a good thing.

Since I have to finish my deliveries before Monday, I planned to do a section this morning (as there’s due to be gale forces this afternoon – ’tis a cold wind anyway now). Only I couldn’t find my iRiver. You may remember that I received it for my 21st last July, and within three months I’d screwed it up irreversibly so it’s never played mp3s since. But I’ve been using the radio on it, which has kept me company on many a walk. I last used it yesterday, walking to the post office and back.

But now I can’t find it. Lost or misplaced, I’m not sure. But I’m really feeling dim right now. This is probably a sign that gadgets and I aren’t meant to be. The shame…

Instead I did an hour’s worth of deliveries with only my brain for company. Not good, people; not good.

One response to “The Shame…

  1. I hate it when my favorite pants or shirt gets a hole. I usually keep wearing for a while, at least around the house.

    Sounds like you’ve been in a slump lately. I know about those, happens to me every now and then….ok, more often than not.

    I also go through periods of reading a lot to periods of not reading so much. Weird.

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