Dog Felt Me Up, Midnight Brunch & RWA

A Dog Felt Me Up Today
I was delivering pamphlets (actually, just half a sheet of paper for each mailbox), when an unleashed dog with no person in sight started following me. Bumping against my legs. Trying to knock me over? That’s not very nice. Paws on my arse? Excuse me, that’s not appropriate… Sniffing my arse? You’ve got some problem, dawg!

Oh well, at least it didn’t bark at me. Dogs tend to bark when I walk past their homes. They’re behind fences so they can’t molest me.

Amendment to Yesterday’s Review
Remember when we realised the same stock photo was used on Keri Arthur’s Embraced by Darkness and Marta Acosta’s Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula? It may not be used after all. Simon & Schuster (well, the US division, anyhoo) has postponed the book’s (originally titled Midnight Brunch) re-release, thus it’s no longer on the S&S site or Amazon. However, S&S Australia have still got the re-release scheduled for July 1st, according to their website. So my review has been edited to show both covers – but the release date listed is only for Australia. The book was originally published in 2007.

Romance Writers of Australia Conference (August 2008)
I was planning to attend (it’s in Melbourne this year) so I could meet Keri Arthur, but I didn’t know the pricing system. Because you can’t pay for just one workshop – you have to pay for the whole day. This sucks. I much prefer the Melbourne Writers’ Festival, where you only pay for what you attend. (Speaking of MWF, it’s also in August, and Rachel Cohn’s coming – yay 🙂 )

Since Miz Keri was the only author I wanted to meet there, there’s no point going if I have to pay for extra stuff – I don’t have that kind of money to spare. But hopefully if the conference holds a signing session (here’s hoping it’s free), I might get to meet her. I’ll investigate more closer to August.

However, I still plan to attend the Australian Romance Readers’ Convention in February 2009 (also in Melbourne). Then again, prices may put me off.

One response to “Dog Felt Me Up, Midnight Brunch & RWA

  1. dogs, ow, let’s face it Tez, you’re just, hmmm, yummy? haha 😛
    it seems you need a boyfriend, husband or why not a girlfriend?

    have a lovely day!

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