Happy Birthday, Jeaniene Frost & Meme

Today, 13th June, is Jeaniene Frost’s birthday. And what a fabulous reason to buy and preorder her books:

Halfway to the Grave (30th October 2007): Buy
One Foot in the Grave (29th April 2008): Buy
Weddings from Hell [Anthology with Terri Garey, Maggie Shayne & Kathryn Smith] (27th May 2008): Buy
At Grave’s End (30th December 2008): Pre-order

Which Stephenie Meyer book is the book for you?

Your Result: The Host

You like the Twilight people like trying new things. You’ll like this book because its about a race of aliens taking over the galaxy while still living with the consequences of taking over human bodies and receiving their emotions and things and people they love.

New Moon
Which Stephenie Meyer book is the book for you?
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For the record, The Host is the only SM book I’ve read, and I loved it.

One response to “Happy Birthday, Jeaniene Frost & Meme

  1. Oh – I read this on Saturday in one sitting and I loved it!

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