[COVER ART] Men of the Otherworld – Kelley Armstrong

(Image taken from here.)

“…if you’ve heard me talk in person or e-mailed me about wanting the online work published, I may have allowed that there was one circumstance under which I would agree to remove it from the site and have it published: if it could be done as a fundraiser, with all my proceeds going to a charity of my choosing. So you can probably guess what happened…” –Kelley Armstrong (quote taken from here)

Her US and UK publishers (Random House and Hachette, respectively) have signed up for this, but here’s the tricky part: the US wants to divide the stories into two collections, while the UK may only have one. My fingers have been strained enough from holding massive books, so I’m hoping the UK will go for two instead of one big volume. Kelley’s chosen charity has not yet been specified.

Anyway, the cover art you see here is the American version for Men of the Otherworld (February 2009). Note that it was uploaded by a fan, because when Kelley originally published the photo, it wouldn’t work in a Firefox browser (which I use). No approximate due date or cover for Tales of the Otherworld yet. More news should be released in July. You can pre-order Men of the Otherworld here.

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