Sneaky Villain NinjaTez

First, shame on Metlink Melbourne for not having the ad on their website, so I had to photograph the newspaper. If you can’t read the type, here’s the text advertising night buses:

The buses now run later at night,
To take you home under the moonlight.
You’ll be safe from vampires, werewolves
And other strange creatures.
An anti-occult force field is one of
The buses’ new features.

Holy Feck, dude! I couldn’t have made this shizz up. Then again, I only take the bus during the day and in the suburbs. Night in the city must be a different thing altogether. And who’s not to say that “vampires, werewolves and other strange creatures” wouldn’t ride the bus? Actually, now that I think of it, vampires are usually so up themselves that they wouldn’t dare take public transport.

Oh, and in that picture…is that a mummy? Or a mummy zombie? Enlighten me, Wise Ones!

To borrow a phrase from Stephanie, EmoCat is being emo today. And wouldn’t face the correct way on the couch, thus you’ll see my thumb in one of the photos, holding the book up. Anyway, that’s Manny with Michelle Maddox’s Countdown (29th July 2008) [and Michelle Rowen’s Lady and the Vamp (1st April 2008) promo card],Gena Showalter’s Awaken Me Darkly (31st May 2005) [includes thumb], and Vicki Pettersson’s The Scent of Shadows (27th February 2007, or 2nd June 2008, or 1st August 2008 – North America, UK, and Australia respectively). Not even booky goodness can cheer EmoCat today.

What someone typed into Google to find my WordPress: do afl players shave their legs? Answer: Probably. Like they wax/shave their chests. I think.

Take the Villain quiz.

2 responses to “Sneaky Villain NinjaTez

  1. Tez, that link goes to “What kind of mage are you?”

    (sings) What kind of fool am I?

  2. Hmm. Well, I got the link from Cheyenne McCray’s MySpace blog. You may have to scroll down once you’re there to find it, but hopefully it’ll work for you.

    I tried to post a comment on your blog last night, but then it didn’t show up. It was so good, WordPress had to eat it??? 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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