[REVIEW] Biting the Bullet – Jennifer Rardin

Jennifer Rardin
Biting the Bullet (Jaz Parks, Book 3)
Orbit (7th February 2008)

Finally, Jaz Parks goes where those in the CIA usually go: overseas. From Florida and Texas respectively in the first and second novels, the spotlight is now on Iran…as well as hell.

Jaz’s twin Dave is part of a CIA special ops squad, whose big target is the Wizard, whereas Jaz’s team’s enemy is the Raptor. Here’s where I don’t quite follow – why the two squads come together, and how the Wizard and the Raptor are linked. The Raptor is part of the series arc, but the Wizard may only be in this episode.

Continuing the theme of screwed-up families, Jaz and Dave haven’t talked for years before they’re forced into this situation. Neither of them completely trusts the other, whilst back home patriarch Albert is having another crisis. Meanwhile, we finally meet Jaz and Dave’s mother, who’s in hell.

Romantic complications arise when former private investigator Cole makes clear his intentions for Jaz, but she’s still mooning over their boss, Vayl. I’m usually first to stick my hand up for a hot foreigner (Vayl’s Romanian), but I’m just not connecting with him. Brooding Vamp with a Troubled Past is a common character type in urban fantasy, thus making it difficult for one to particular stand out from the crowd. However, I do fancy Jaz’s Spanish spirit guide, Raoul, though I have the feeling Jaz and Vayl will shag before the series is over.

Jaz’s out-of-body experiences are often confusing, and though I don’t quite follow them I have much respect for the author featuring some creatures not usually found in current fiction. Top marks for originality, but perhaps this series is too intelligent for my tiny brain.


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