[REVIEW] Ashes to Ashes – Jennifer Armintrout

Jennifer Armintrout
Ashes to Ashes (Blood Ties, Book 3)
MIRA (1st August 2007)

The third instalment in the Blood Ties series begins with a creepy prologue, then fades into melodrama before the real action begins. Carrie, Nathan, Cyrus, Max and Bella find themselves battling the Soul Eater and the Oracle…as well as, oftentimes, each other. Plenty of vomit and severed digits to satisfy gore fans, witticisms to appease the humorous and alternate history for those not impressed with the real world. It does get a bit incredulous with an invisibility spell, and knowing each other’s thoughts through blood ties, but is redeemed by the new ideas the crafty author brings to the genre.


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