[REVIEW] Even for Me – Taryn Blackthorne

Taryn Blackthorne
Even for Me
Samhain Publishing (15th April 2008)

Need a werecat fix whilst awaiting Rachel Vincent’s next novel? Try Taryn Blackthorne’s novella, Even for Me. One of two urban fantasy stories selected for Samhain’s On the Prowl cat shifter anthology, this action-packed tale may be serious but has a sense of humour that’s not forced, cutesy, or sitcom.

Aislyn Rivers got involved with a guy whose sister was a Goth/Emo witch bitch who spellcasted, leaving Aislyn a werecat. At times Aislyn and her cat seem one and the same; other times the cat is a separate identity living inside her brain, craving kills and a good lie-down.

But could she be the Ghost Cat, Denver’s latest serial killer?

It seems that Aislyn’s story extends beyond the Ghost Cat case, and the author is currently working on another installment. Stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.


2 responses to “[REVIEW] Even for Me – Taryn Blackthorne

  1. I enjoyed this story incredibly. I thought it was extremely well-written; especially the scenes with Jackson. RAWR!

  2. I got so caught up in the story that I want so much more.

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