[REVIEW] Scions #2: Insurrection – Patrice Michelle

Patrice Michelle
Scions #2: Insurrection
Harlequin Silhouette Nocturne (1st May 2008)

The protag is a cop. In the first few chapters she talks on the phone whilst driving, calls for backup but doesn’t wait for it, gets spooked at a lame commercial ‘haunted’ house, faints, and is rescued by the hero.

From that, you can automatically tell if this story is for you or not.

Oh, and it has a prophecy, which was mentioned as a pet peeve at Writers Coffee Break Friday last week.

This is a paranormal romance, not an urban fantasy; which is a shame, because the author has some interesting ideas, so if the romance had been absent we’d be left with a much better book. I was fascinated with Kaitlyn’s father’s life. And if I followed correctly, vampires made werewolves in test tubes. I think. I didn’t quite get it because it wasn’t focused on as much as it should’ve been.

There was a lot I didn’t understand. What’s a zerker? Is Musk form just another way of saying wolf form? Why does silver have to be a problem for werewolves; why can’t they just be hurt/killed like normal animals in the wild; why this special rule?

The author has some interesting ideas, and a shift into urban fantasy would make a great career move. Until then, she’s still writing romance.


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