RJ Anderson: I Am Your Relative

Yes, new userpic, taken sometime in January. The lighting made me look dark, but in reality I look like a pasty-white English backpacker. And yes, my head usually ends up on a tilt in photos. I’m unsteady 😉 And I’m convinced that RJ Anderson and I are related somehow.

So I’ve got myself a Flickr, but am having trouble finding people. Please let me know how I can find you there. Ta.

Uploaded are photos I took this afternoon (okay, Friday afternoon; it’s Saturday now) of my cat Manny with various books (by Kristopher Reisz, Jeri Smith-Ready, Anton Strout, Marta Acosta, Kat Richardson, Jeanne C Stein, Mark Del Franco, Megan Hart, Jennifer Rardin, Jackie Kessler and Jenna Black). This was circa afternoon nap time, so he looks drugged. Note: the weather was warm (27C), so he stretched out. When it’s cooler, he does the foetal position thing.

Way past my bedtime now.

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