Arctic Comedy

Have photographed Manny with various books I own. Hope to transfer them to the PC tonight. I still won’t be able to alter the images, though.

I share my birthday with Terri Clark – mark July 14 on your calendars 🙂

Melbourne International Comedy Festival guide is out. There’s even a comedian from Finland! Antti HakalaArctic Comedy. I’m not sure what arctic comedy is, but woohoo! He observes the modern world from an original, realistic and honest perspective – an Arctic perspective – that is seldom seen at the Comedy Festival. And he is not against everything! Shows are English, though, which is admirable – being funny in your first language is difficult. Being funny is another language is even more difficult. Respect to you, Antti. In his show Antti talks about his tough childhood in the Arctic conditions, as well as his later struggles with the Australian culture, and reveals how it feels to be a foreigner with natural blond hair and soft skin.

Wait, what are those animals on his website? Elk? Reindeer? Moosies?

2 responses to “Arctic Comedy

  1. Reindeer 😉

    -Antti’s brother-

  2. Thank you for the enlightenment, Antti’s brother. Have you come down to Australia, too?

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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